Welcome to Local Kitchen & Wine Bar!

We Promise to source and provide quality food, grown by local farmers, using sustainable methods.

Growing up we were surrounded by artisans who carried on a tradition of salumi-making.  It has since been passed on to us from different regions of Italy.  

Our goal is to pride our ancestors and pass on the tradition, by providing our guests with the same quality and craftsmanship.

The Menu is simple.  Locally grown, Italian inspired.  Think piattini (small plates).

Specials highlight the use of seasonal ingredients and will change often.  Ontario wines, specifically from Niagara and Prince Edward County will top the list.

No white tablecloths.  Think fun, small, and cozy.  

Local will maintain a fundamental respect for our food, where it comes from, and the people who help cultivate it.  

Served with love.


Coming soon... 

Bar Salumi... It’s true!  We’re opening a second resto just a few doors east of Local.  The concept will be “apperitivi e piattini”.  Bar Salumi will be a cool little neighbourhood joint, where guests can grab a glass of wine or cocktail, and hang, while they  enjoy a few small plates…  Stay tuned for more info.

Bar Salumi - Apperitivi and Piattini.
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